Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I thought I Was a Smooth Talker

You have to love The Famous Author. The man will say or do ANYthing to gain publicity for the rebirth of our series. I know this is a good thing for me, Austin Carr, as being TFA's fictional character, protagonist of the Austin Carr Mystery Series, my life rests on his eventual success. It's just that sometimes he cracks me up going overboard.

Making the local hair stylist rich (see two posts ago) and spamming his AOL account to earn a MailChimp suspension, for instance, seemed definitely over the top. But this latest truth-stretching adventure tops all previous.

TFA convinced the famed cozy-fiction blogger Dru Love that BIG NUMBERS -- my first screwball mystery adventure, in which at least five people die and the sexy redheaded widow asks Austin to tie her up -- was worthy of a guest spot on her well-read blog. Over 1300 followers. TFA must have hypnotized the lovely Ms. Love during a chance encounter at Deadly Ink earlier this month.

He told Dru and her audience BIG NUMBERS was "almost a cozy." Almost a cozy? The above picture shows TFA reading Austin Carr at Noir at the Bar in New York City last week. I guarantee you TFA was not talking about his series being almost a cozy. And yet TFA tells Dru's audience the sex scenes in BIG NUMBERS "are played for laughs -- and short, like my life."

But I pretty much nailed him during the interview at Dru's. All I had to do was recite the opening line of his Amazon and Nook promotional copy: "Root for divorced dad Austin Carr, a funny, oversexed scamp who'll use anything and everything to get his kids back. Think Bugs Bunny with guns and a penis."

You think TFA's desperate flailings will keep us from drowning?

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