Friday, May 31, 2013

My Official, Digital Return

It's been five years since the first and second Austin Carr Mysteries were published, half a decade since BIG NUMBERS and BIG MONEY both started and completed my series. The third story, BIG MOJO, was written but never published, "artistic differences" ending The Famous Author's publishing relationship. No one else stepped up in 2008 for a stockbroker protagonist.

They laughed, in fact. "My boss would fire me if a bought a story with a stockbroker protagonist," one editor told TFA. Talk about out of favor. Us weasel stockbrokers almost brought down the world in 2008 and 2009, filling the investment community with soon-to-be-worthless mortgage-backed bonds. Everyone hated us. They said you can't publish a series with a protagonist everyone wants to kill.

Which, of course, still may be the case with readers. But at last one brave publishing soul -- Eric Campbell of Down and Out Books -- has decided to take another chance on the wise-cracking, California-born, New Jersey transplant, who can't help falling in love with redheads every single episode. The publisher of Jon and Ruth Jordan's Crimespree Magazine, plus authors like Reed Farrell Coleman, Bill Moody, Gary Phillips, and others, Down and Out's Eric Campbell has told TFA all three of my adventures will be published in the coming months.

A fourth, BIG SHOES, is also finished and ready for Eric's eyeballs -- this event obviously predicated on some of you people actually buying a few copies of the first, second, and/or third. Hey, publishing is a business. And I warned you I'm a stockbroker.

How many copies of BIG NUMBERS can I send you?


Les Edgerton said...

A million. A million copies. These are free, right?

Wait. They're not? Okay, then one.

Seriously, I cannot wait to read this Jack!

Austin Carr said...

Oh, Les. You're such a gentleman.