Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OMEX's Odyssey Explorer Heads for Treasure?

Treasure nuts like me watch MarineTraffic.com all the time, waiting for our treasurer hunters -- excuse me, archeologists -- to leave dock and find the loot. Well, it just happened this morning. The Odyssey Explorer left its dock in Hull, England with a destination marked as North Sea.

If you've been following the adventures of this hot tip, you know this means we've finally gotten approval -- oh, please! -- and are headed out to recoverer what we can of The HMS Victory.

If you'd like to follow OMEX's ship as she sails out today, click on this link to MarineTraffic's site.

We're going to hopefully bring up lots of gold (perhaps). Lot of cannon for sure.

Or maybe she's going out fishing. The company should make some kind of announcement shortly.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Manly Art of Overindulgence

It was Lobster Night at Clooney's in Branchtown last night, The Famous Author and his two sons celebrating something. That's Patrick up front, John in the middle, TFA blurry on the horizon.

We tried to find out what the excitement was all about -- besides Number One flying in from the Left Coast -- but TFA would confirm nothing.

I do believe it significant, however, that TFA is spending time on the blog with me. It's been a while since he really cared. Sniff.

Is it true that you should only eat shellfish in months that have an "R" in them?