Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is NOT the Cover of the New BIG NUMBERS

BRANCHTOWN, NJ -- March 17 -- It's still not official. The Famous Author can't say anything yet, not until his new publisher (Yay! Scream with joy!!!) gives TFA the approved, sanctioned, and definitive okay to announce a deal. But TFA told me he signed the offered contract and has mailed it in. Thus, TFA has dropped plans to self-publish. Roman White's startling cover will never see the light of day, though it could serve as inspiration for others.

Naturally, I -- Austin Carr, the man with a thousand excuses and a full-boat grin -- am about to turn zombie and rise from the grave. I know this is the third or fourth hint without naming a publisher. I don't expect anymore congratulations on what some must by now be assuming to be another of TFA's famous pipe dreams. It's okay. I know.

It's alive.

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