Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Stuff from Black Kachina

Naval Air Facility El Centro (NAFEC) is located in the heart of Southern California's Imperial Valley. It is a two hour drive from San Diego and Palm Springs, one hour from Yuma, AZ, and fifteen minutes from the Mexican border. With our year-round great flying weather and the proximity of several instrumented bombing ranges, NAFEC provides a singularly unique training environment that is appreciated around the world.

The proximity to ranges, ability to accurately simulate night field carrier landing practice and the harsh desert environment are capitalized on not only by Navy pilots, but also by pilots from all branches of the services as well as NATO allies. The ranges are a critical piece in the training cycle and one of the few places left where pilots can “train like they fight” to deliver ordnance to ground targets and are a vital part of the Southern California training complex.

Our mission is to ensure victory in combat through the superior training of our war fighters.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality facilities, services and products to the Naval Aviation community and all organizations using Naval Air Facility El Centro.

Thanks, ladies and gents of the U.S. Armed Forces. We appreciate what you do.

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Austin Carr said...

Note to the Navy PR Department: the phrase "singularly unique" is redundant and pretty bad writing. TFA has thumped out worse, however, and we still love you. Just saying ...