Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Non-Noir Entertainment

Dead Head (Dirty Business, #3)Dead Head by Rosemary Harris
Ms. Harris is a wonderfully entertaining writer, and you will love DEAD HEAD if you enjoy hanging out with odd but appealing characters and laughing out loud. The protagonist Paula -- a financially challenged landscaper -- has a tongue sharp enough to fell trees, knows where to kick aggressive males, and owns a very funny view of the world. You will grin, giggle, and occassionally spit over her comments. Here's one that made everyone stare at me on the airplane: "She made disparaging remarks about my hair and alleged cup size. It went further south from there...still I stayed on the line. I was fascinated by her lung capacity. Perhaps she was a swimmer?"

Paula's sidekick Babe owns the Paradise Diner, and Babe's comments, straightforward attitude, and kind wisdom make your smile widen whenever the story turns back to the hangout. Ms. Harris's series (this is number three) gets lumped into that popular "hobby cozy" sub-genre because Paula is a gardener, but not so you'd notice. Ms. H will work her magic regardless of your assumed tastes.

If you've had enough of Janet Evanovich's same ol' same ol' plots, try Ms. Harris. Rosemary is also funnier.

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