Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chilling Bluegrass in Prose Form

The Famous Author loved Scott Montgomery's review so much, he made me steal one of the best lines and print it here: "An album of chilling blue grass tunes in prose form."

If you want to read the whole review of Frank Bill's CRIMES IN SOUTHERN INDIANA STORIES, you'll have to go to the website of this Austin, Texas bookstore (and community) where Scott's review and Pick of the Month was featured in the newsletter. Read another review that compares Mr. Bill to -- gasp! -- Cormac McCarthy.

Clicking on my blog's headline works, too.

TFA says Farrar, Straus and Giroux doesn't print everybody's short stories. Perhaps we should have a look. Heck, if we can get TFA to spring for the cash, we might even buy a copy from this nice Texas bookstore.

TFA and other short story writers ought to at least take a peek at the style and wit that landed a top agent and then this FSG contract. Sounds like Frank Bill has provided TFA and other fiction-hacks with an entertaining form of education.

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