Friday, August 19, 2011


With both hands, I lifted Nataska’s mask from the blanket and pulled the Black Ogre’s likeness over my wounded face. A new current of dark strength raced through me, as if the black spirit flowed directly into my heart. I took comfort in the darkness, the cover such a screen provided my inner feelings, perhaps my soul. This was natural. All living things must have a black kachina to go to, a killing spirit of fierceness when they are attacked.

When I looked around in my life, I saw that everything in this world both ate and was eaten. Nature sought us out for slaughter, and staying alive on this earth meant protecting your darkness. We each needed the ability to wage personal war, to struggle for our lives. To run AND to fight.

While the white man and half the world criticized me, saw me as villain, I knew I fought for my people, my culture, myself. I fought for all the forgotten people everywhere in this harsh world. A place where everything is still eaten alive.

I have reached inside my black kachina, mined a vein of lust to kill the white man. I have done it because I must.

And with the determination of a desperate man, I light the candle. I care not if the fire engulfs us all.

A complete manuscript is available from TFA's agent, Grace Morgan. BLACK KACHINA is a 70,000 word thriller.


Les Edgerton said...

Absolutely LOVE the voice in this!

Austin Carr said...

TFA thanks you much, Les. I am sure. But frankly this Nataska guy just muscled his way on here. I'd complain in stronger terms but the man carries a saw. There's those teeth, too.

Lolo said...

Really powerful, Jack! Nicely done.

Austin Carr said...

TFA doesn't hang out here much, Lolo. But I'll pass on your encouragment. I also like the new website and saw no typos. :)