Friday, July 15, 2011

New Resource for Mystery Writers

Hey there, Austin Carr fans.

My name is Tom Adair and I am a retired, internationally recognized, forensic scientist/CSI in Colorado. I am contacting writers of mystery/crime thrillers to let them know I have recently launched an informative blog called FORENSICS4FICTION.

I thought you and other mystery/crime writers you know might be interested in the information. I make an effort to explain the basics of forensics for authors of all experience levels. I have just started a section on historical forensics, and soon will be adding some fun categories for the science fiction and fantasy/paranormal writers as

I love to answer questions about forensics and law enforcement in general so feel free to fire away if the need arises. Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks, Tom. Consider the word passed around. We've been to the site and found much to read. Check it out.

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Dana King said...

I'm not a CSI type writer, but I read several posts here and found a lot of stuff that can be used without getting too far down in the weeds. The facts and possibilities are laid out in a common sense manner, even with some ideas on how they might be used.

Thanks for getting out the word. I'm subscribed and looking forward reading more.