Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Austin Runs to Prague

The Famous Author here, checking in to report that my fictional stockbroker Austin Carr has turned up in the Czech Republic after disappearing for more than a week. I'm not sure when he's going to blog again, so I'll have to fill in when I can. If all of this seems too strange, go with it a minute. You're going to like where Austin went last night. Here's a taste:

"In Prague at the intimate Rekomondo record shop and bookstore, Eugene S. Robinson will be reading from his latest book, A Long Slow Screw."

Sounds like exactly the kind of literature Austin would enjoy.


Ann O'Dyne said...

but did he see any redheads in Prague?
Check 'Downton Abbey' for the luscious Rose Leslie.
She is in a detective drama 'Jason Isaacs' on BBC 'Case Histories' too.

Jersey Jack said...

Will check her out, Ann. We need a new redhead around here. BTW, let me know if you see Austin. There is a chance he could be headed your way.

Austin Carr said...

You better sell my book TFA, or I'm not coming home!

Check Eugene Robinson's other books on Amazon, including FIGHT. Notice in his picture above how the left hand is up in front of his face. Think he's pondering? No. That's a semi-fighting stance, in my book. Eugene is always ready to kick your ass!