Friday, November 12, 2010

Redhead of the Week Gets Under Your Skin

Tattoo artist Kat Von D, or Katherine Drachenberg, has been in the news lately for dating some guy named Jesse who used to be married to to some big actress. Apparently, Jesse saw Kat on the television show LA Ink, had to have an image of Sandra Bullock tattoed on his ass, and flew out to meet Ms Von D. Or maybe not.

Anyway, Kat, 28, born in South America, moved at age 4 to Colton, California, where the Famous Author used win drag racing trophies. Lot of cement factories in Colton. Kat worked on TV's Miami Ink for the first three seasons, but was asked to leave. According to Wikipedia, Kat has said she hasn't spoken with members of Miami Ink since her departure.

I don't think she's really a redhead, but we found the photo, and that's good enough around here.

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Marshall Stacks said...

Yes Kat just lovely BUT pls do not diss Ms Sandra B!

I am bringing you a great 1948 redhead at Vanity beautiful Moira Shearer in movie The Red Shoes.

Mr Depp is there too, speaking of a part he dreams of playing - possibly TFA.