Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mystery Marriage Madness

Who are these people and why did they get married?

I can't help it if we love contests around here. It's just a fact, probably because no one ever enters and we never have to really give anything away. So in keeping with that tradition -- don't you DARE enter and win -- who the heck is the married couple pictured here? That's right, just name these two people and you will win a free book. What kind of book, you ask? What kind do you want? Old, new, auto-graphed. TFA has a Dennis Lehane book of short stories he'd be willing to give up, signed by The Dennis himself. Of course its signed to TFA -- "Good luck with your stupid writing." Still, it is Dennis. How about you pick what book you'd like, and I'll try to deliver.

Who and why, best correct answer wins. I'm the sole judge.


Anonymous said...

That's Mr. and Mrs. Sandra Ruttan, obviously. Send me that Lehane book -- the inscription is a classic.

Austin said...

It came back in the mail.