Monday, September 13, 2010

Author Revealed as Betrayer!

No, no, no, not that. He's too old and ugly to be unfaithful to his wife. I'm talking about ME! I know for a fact The Famous Author spent the last few days previewing a new novel to a large room full of college-educated, middle-aged women -- that's right, folks, the people who buy at least two-thirds of all fiction.

But was this novel about me, Austin Carr, Branchtown stockbroker and hero of my own mystery series?

No, it was not. TFA obviously has betrayed me and is considering some new project. The little bitch. A spy within the room says I wasn't even a character in his new manuscript! Oh, gads, my life spins before me!

The spy also sent me two pictures. Nataska the Black Ogre and Three Very Smart Writer-Ladies. More later on where he was and what he did. I'm going to pin him down when he stops writing.

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