Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crimes on the Internet

We still can't find The Famous Author, but who cares? We found lots of interesting stuff to read while he's gone, including these hot items currently tickling mystery and crime readers on the web.

Over at The Rap Sheet, author Timothy Hallinan talks about the background of his new Poke Rafferty Mystery, THE QUEEN OF PATPONG. See if this doesn't grab you: "The room is small--a bed, a couple of chairs, a table stacked with mismatched dinnerware," Tim writes. "The only light comes through a window that’s been covered in wax paper against the rains. Sitting on a metal stool in the middle of the room, her back bent into the letter C as though the weight on her shoulders were too heavy to allow her to straighten her spine, is a Thai girl of 16. At the moment the picture was taken, she had just learned that her grandmother was planning to sell her into prostitution."

David Cranmer's The Education of a Pulp Writer features the new cover for BEAT to a PULP's first anthology. Just about all of your favorite short-fiction crime writers appear. Check out the list over there.

Finally, Spinetingler Magazine offers a new feature, the Community Bulletin Board. You'll find links like these about new books, authors, and interviews.


David Cranmer said...

I recently conducted an interview with Timothy Hallinan. Fascinating writer.

Austin Carr said...

Scroll down a little, David. I stole that blog post, too.