Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot Crime Fiction News

We thought we'd offer readers links to some of the places we've been hanging out this weekend. Lots of interesting stuff.

Over at Mystery Book News, Tess Gerritson writes about the source of her latest book and offers MBN readers an opportunity to win a copy. "The best plot ideas sometimes come from real life misadventures," writes Tess. "One such misadventure happened to me a few summers ago in upstate New York, when my husband and I were driving to a rustic bed and breakfast. Since we didn't know the area, we'd brought along our GPS and programmed it to take us in the most direct route possible."

A wrong turn forms the basis for Tess's new thriller, ICE COLD.

At David Cranmer's blog, Education of a Pulp Writer, author Timothy Hallinan talks about living in Thailand half the year, and how this influences his writing. Also, Tim talks about his unusual new thriller due next month. It's a thriller with a huge, separate backstory stuck in the middle. "And then we're in a new section of the book – the longest section by far – in which we go back twelve years to meet Rose as a 17-year-old village teenager named Kwan, which means “spirit,” but who is nicknamed “Stork” because of her extraordinary height," Tim tells Cranmer. "In one day, her entire world falls apart and she finds herself bound for Bangkok, in the company of an untrustworthy companion, to enter the world of the bars. And we stay with her for 45,000 words as she is transformed into the woman Poke met in the King's Castle Bar on Patpong. For I don't know how many pages, the nominal hero of the book isn't even in sight. It's like a novella squeezed between the beginning and the end of a thriller, because when Rose's interlude is over, the thriller is back with a bang."

Incredibly, The Famous Author has a short story published on the web this week at BEAT to a PULP.

And finally, here's a link to my favorite fiction webzine, Spinetingler. They just announced really big news: Mystery Writers of America will now consider short fiction published in Spinetingler for its annual Edgar awards.


Chris said...

Great story over at BtaP, and what a coup for Spinetingler! Congrats all around.

Austin Carr said...

Thanks, Chris. I'm still trying to figure out how TFA found the time to write a short story. He's pretty busy staring at the telephone.

But even I'm thrilled about Spinetingler's new creds. I want to write a short story with TFA as the main character.