Sunday, July 25, 2010

Famous Author Missing

The weather in New Jersey is so hot and humid, Mexico sounds good. But we have a hunch The Famous Author might have gone to San Diego. Tucked up against the Pacific Ocean, at the border with Mexico, San Diego enjoys 70-72 degree weather about 300 days a year. Go check out the current five-day forecast -- 70-72 in the middle of summer -- and the old wooden and glass bar at the Hotel del Coronado.

Then again, there's his favorite bartender Luis and all that great food in Puerto Vallarta. Yeah, he'd have to wear Number 80 suntan lotion in bed at night, but he'd probably just stay in the bar.

A dark horse in the "Where is TFA?" contest could be Miami Beach. He was in a dancing mood last week as his short story was posted on BEAT to a PULP.

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