Friday, May 21, 2010

Redhead of the Week an Aristocrat

Damian Lewis, an English actor and producer, starred as Detective Charlie Crews in the NBC drama Life, which The Famous Author and I loved. We also liked Damian as Major Richard Winters (handpicked by Spielberg) in the HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers, and as Soames Forsyte in the British miniseries, The Forsyte Saga.

The dude has quite the pedigree. "I went to English boarding schools and grew up around people very much like Soames and in a milieu very much like the Forsytes's," Lewis told PBS in 2002.

Lewis was born in St. John's Wood, Westminster, the son of Charlotte Mary and J. Watcyn Lewis, a City broker. His maternal grandfather was Lord Mayor of London Ian Frank Bowater and his maternal grandmother's ancestors include Bertrand Dawson, 1st Viscount Dawson of Penn (a doctor to the royal family) and philanthropist Alfred Yarrow.

He was educated at the independent Ashdown House School in the village of Forest Row in East Sussex and at Eton College and graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1993, after which he served as a stage actor for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Lewis also appeared in Jonathan Kent's production of Hamlet, playing Laertes opposite Ralph Fiennes' Hamlet. This production was seen by Steven Spielberg, who subsequently cast Lewis as Richard Winters in the HBO/BBC World War II miniseries Band of Brothers, his first role of several that required a credible American accent.

In 2008, Lewis starred as the main character Charlie Crews in the U.S. television series Life on NBC. He starred as a police officer who had been framed for murder and held in prison for 12 years from 1995 to 2007. The series began with his exoneration and a trial reinstatement in his former position as a detective in the LA Police force after winning a 50 million dollar law suit over his wrongful internment. Detective Crews, who had studied Zen during his years in prison, closed his cases in a unique manner, as he secretly continued to track down the people who had set him up.

The show, which premiered in the United States on 26 September 2007, became a victim of the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. Only half of the second season's shows were produced. When the critically acclaimed show returned, it was shuffled from night to night.

Damian is married to the actress Helen McCrory. They have two children.

Thanks to Damian, Ann OD, and Wikipedia

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Ann ODyne said...

oh swoon! *slumps to floor*
Forsyte was supposed to be an unsympathetic character but that didn't work on me at all, and I cried at the end of the final episode.
I got the book after that, just to visualize DL and have it all over again.
BTW the fees at Eton could buy a house for any normal family.
I loved LIFE, despite realising it was just unimaginative Hollywood trying another HOUSE formula, with a tall Limey toff being eccentric.
Adorable Stephen Fry at 6 ft 5 inches tall, is another one the US has tried the same thing with.
Keep 'em coming AC.