Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tiger (Golf) is Back

The Professional Golfers Association started breathing again this week when Tiger Woods turned up to play in The Masters. With Tiger on the sidelines nursing the scrapes and bruises from his headline-making sex scandal the past few months, golf equipment sales, TV golf viewing, and the PGA's licensing revenues crashed. Heck, Tiger's return to the golf tour this week will probably give the whole economy a jolt.

And over at CBS this week, Tiger's photo is being hung alongside Walter Cronkite's.

Tiger, you da man!


Ann ODyne said...

when the 18th Special Friend completes the tally, he can put a moll on every hole and swive his way round Augusta.

Austin Carr said...

Oh, he's a changed man, Ann. No more hanging out with Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan.

Poor Phil Mickleson. He wins the Masters but Tiger is still The Star.

CBS ratings and the PGA are confirming this morning what we all knew ... if Tiger ain't playing, nobody watches.

Ann ODyne said...

re Mickleson's win being eclipsed by Tabloid Tiger:
I had the same empathy for Christian Bale's Batman being eclipsed when all the movie publicity turned into Heath's Last Stand.

Noting from your profile that mariachi is a fondness ... I wonder if you also recall the final line of Lucky Lady (Burt Reynolds, Liza Minelli, 1970's) referring to a mariachi band?
Note to self - track down screenwriter and boycott his films.

Austin Carr said...

I do not recall ever watching the ending of Lucky Lady. Now I am curious.

As musicians, I suppose your average mariachi players rank low. But they seem to accompany some of my happiest memories. I grew up in Los Angeles and heard several famous mariachi groups perform at a nightclub specializing in Latin entertainment. It was more akin to a wonderfully exciting jazz band.

BwcaBrownie said...

Lucky Lady was one of Hollywoods great turkeys and that's why you don't recall it.
Our 3 heroes leap into the ocean rather than listen to a mariachi band.
This bad karma judgement obviously caused the film to tank.
I am a Ray Barreto fan.

Austin Carr said...

Bwca -- I read a review of LL online, and you're right. They trashed it pretty good. Burt Reynolds got the lone nod. And for creating such a scene, I also looked up the screenwriter and intend to send him a surprise on Cinco de Mayo.

I mean, it's okay if someone doesn't like mariachis. There is hardly a sight or sound more common to the average tourist. But I love Latin music in general. It makes me want to dance, and I think that screenwriter went -- ha, ha -- overboard.