Sunday, April 25, 2010

Never Give up

So Jack somebody -- Smarty Pants calls him The Famous Author -- says I gotta blog about something. I don't know nothing about mysteries, crime fiction, redheads, or hot tips, so what am I supposed to talk about, huh? Guest blog my ass. I think I'm just gonna tell you something you ought to know.

Never give up. You see something you like, you dream of something you want, you just keep going until you get it. Sure, you're gonna get knocked down. Lots of times. But anything worth dreaming of requires getting kicked around. Just keep your head down, your feet moving forward.

Like this guy E. J. Copperman. He works like a dog all his life, then finally gets a publishing deal, people say he's an overnight success. My ass. He kept his head down, his goal in front of him.

Buy the book. You can pre-order it here.

Oh, ya. My name is Angelina Bonacelli. They call me Mama Bones for short. I'm taking over the Austin Carr Mystery Series.

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Austin Carr said...

You're not taking over anything but your own bathroom, honey. I have friends, too.