Thursday, April 29, 2010

Edgar Winners Announced

Mystery Writers of America announced the Winners for the 2010 Edgar Allan Poe Awards, honoring the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction and television published or produced in 2009. The Edgar® Awards were presented to the winners at our 64th Gala Banquet, April 29, 2010 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York City.


The Last Child by John Hart (Minotaur Books)


In the Shadow of Gotham by Stefanie Pintoff (Minotaur Books)


Body Blows by Marc Strange (Dundurn Press – Castle Street Mysteries)


Columbine by Dave Cullen (Hachette Book Group - Twelve)


The Lineup: The World’s Greatest Crime Writers Tell the Inside Story of Their Greatest Detectives edited by Otto Penzler (Hachette Book Group – Little, Brown and Company)


"Amapola" – Phoenix Noir by Luis Alberto Urrea (Akashic Books)


Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s Books)


Reality Check by Peter Abrahams (HarperCollins Children’s Books – HarperTeen)


"Place of Execution," Teleplay by Patrick Harbinson (PBS/WGBH Boston)


"A Dreadful Day" – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine by Dan Warthman (Dell Magazines)


Dorothy Gilman


Mystery Lovers Bookshop, Oakmont, Pennsylvania
Zev Buffman, International Mystery Writers’ Festival


Poisoned Pen Press (Barbara Peters & Robert Rosenwald)

(Presented at MWA’s Agents & Editors Party on Wednesday, April 28, 2010)

Awakening by S.J. Bolton (Minotaur Books)

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The EDGAR (and logo) are Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by the Mystery Writers of America, Inc.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Never Give up

So Jack somebody -- Smarty Pants calls him The Famous Author -- says I gotta blog about something. I don't know nothing about mysteries, crime fiction, redheads, or hot tips, so what am I supposed to talk about, huh? Guest blog my ass. I think I'm just gonna tell you something you ought to know.

Never give up. You see something you like, you dream of something you want, you just keep going until you get it. Sure, you're gonna get knocked down. Lots of times. But anything worth dreaming of requires getting kicked around. Just keep your head down, your feet moving forward.

Like this guy E. J. Copperman. He works like a dog all his life, then finally gets a publishing deal, people say he's an overnight success. My ass. He kept his head down, his goal in front of him.

Buy the book. You can pre-order it here.

Oh, ya. My name is Angelina Bonacelli. They call me Mama Bones for short. I'm taking over the Austin Carr Mystery Series.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Player of the Month

File this under Hot Tips: The Los Angeles Dodgers's Matt Kemp will be named Major League Baseball's Player of the Month for April. No, it's not official. And there's still more than a week left to play in April.

But Matt Kemp has hit nine home runs in the last 11 games. The man is on fire. Can it be that finally being paid what he's worth is having an effect? Matt's a youngster, 25, and after earning less than half a million the last three years (only a palry sum by MLB standards), Mr. Kemp signed a new deal earning him $4 million in 2010.

Matt, you are the man. Look for your face on the cover of Sports Illustrated soon. And by the way, do you have an investment advisor?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Revolting Revolution

Oh, man, I knew it.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. The Famous Author says I have to give Angelina "Mama Bones" Bonacelli a guest blog.

Sometime next week -- "Whenever she gets around to it," TFA says -- a minor character in my second adventure, BIG MONEY, will take over my blog to pump up her own "internet presence." What is the world coming to? Why can't she make up her own blog? Who does this woman think she is?

"I don't have time to set her blog up right now," says TFA, "and if I were you I wouldn't be saying bad things about Mama Bones. She lives in YOUR fictional world, dude. She might have you killed."

No way. Mama Bones loves me. But what's even weirder, why is TFA using slang like dude?

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about (Hi Mom!), here's the scoop: Mama Bones had a couple of good scenes in BIG MONEY, so the agent made TFA include much more of her in #3, BIG MOJO. And get this: Even though said agent hasn't sold BIG MOJO yet, The Famous Author goes and gives Mama a full half of the show in #4, originally entitled BIG SHOES. The way it's going though, I'm betting #4 could wind up as MAMA BONES.

This is MY series, TFA! Mine, mine, mine.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tiger (Golf) is Back

The Professional Golfers Association started breathing again this week when Tiger Woods turned up to play in The Masters. With Tiger on the sidelines nursing the scrapes and bruises from his headline-making sex scandal the past few months, golf equipment sales, TV golf viewing, and the PGA's licensing revenues crashed. Heck, Tiger's return to the golf tour this week will probably give the whole economy a jolt.

And over at CBS this week, Tiger's photo is being hung alongside Walter Cronkite's.

Tiger, you da man!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Long Shot Stock Pick

My pick turned out so ugly, I don't even want to go back and look, but sometime last year we suggested you might want to invest in Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. (OMEX) -- ugh, I still shudder -- at more than $4 a share. You can buy it now for less than $1.50, but that first call was so bad, I don't blame you if you're about to click away. Me, I just bought more at $1.41.

It's either called averaging down, or throwing good money after bad, depending on the eventual sales price, of course. Hindsight rules.

The news for poor Omex has been horrible for more than a year. A U.S. Federal Court said they have to give back an eight or nine-figure treasure Odyssey found, recovered, and still holds in a secret location.
Some influential British people have adopted the Spanish vision of sunken treasure (let it stay with dead sailors, except for anything OMEX found), thus holding up the recovery of another huge treasure. And the cost of running those big boats keeps rising, sucking the company's shrinking capital.

citybiz Real Estate, a South Florida-based website, got a peek at an SEC filing over the weekend, and it looks like OMEX has picked up some additional support: We're hoping these Scoggin Capital guys were smart in buying up a fifth of Omex's stock down here.

In other words, we're hoping they know something we don't. How's that for investment advice?

Here's what that website says:

TAMPA -- Hedge fund Scoggin Capital Management and related entities have disclosed a 20.1 percent holding worth $17.32 million in Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc., according to a Form 13G filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The New York-based fund, which focuses on buying stocks and bonds of companies facing mergers and spinoffs, and those emerging from bankruptcy, said the stakes in Tampa, Fla.-based Odyssey, which specializes in deep-ocean shipwreck exploration, were held through nine different entities and individuals.

The following are the holdings disclosed by Scoggin:

Scoggin Capital Management II LLC -- 1.2 million shares, or 1.9 percent

Scoggin International Fund Ltd. -- 1.65 million shares, or 2.6 percent

Scoggin LLC -- 2.98 million shares, or 4.6 percent

Old Bell Associates LLC -- 97,800 shares, or 0.2 percent

Scoggin Worldwide Fund Ltd. -- 97,800 shares, or 0.2 percent

Game Boy Partners LLC -- 178,500 shares, or 0.3 percent

A. Dev Chodry, principal of Old Bellows Partners LP -- 97,800 shares, or 0.2 percent

Craig Effron, managing member of Scoggin LLC -- 3.26 million shares, or 5.1 percent

Curtis Schenker, managing member of Scoggin LLC -- 3.26 million, or 5.1 percent

All the above except Scoggin Worldwide Fund and Scoggin International Fund have offices in New York.

And let's not forget the usual disclaimer: If you purchase Omex stock as a result of this blog, you are taking advice from a fictional character. Try having your lawyer explain that one in his briefs....or getting me on the stand.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Famous Author Gushes in Public

I'm a big fan, too, so I really can't blame him. But The Famous Author put his byline on an interview with Robert Crais (a REAL famous author) in Spinetingler Magazine this weekend, an interview that gushes like RC's wife did the questioning. Talk about sucking up. Jeez. Maybe TFA thinks RC will blurb his next book.

If you're a writer and/or a fan of Robert Crais, it is kinda fun to read.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where Am I?

Kidnapped once again by The Famous Author, I have no clue where we are, where we're going, or what we're going to do when we get there. I've been tossed in the back seat of this Camry Solara and I recognize nothing that passes. It feels warm. They speak some sort of funny English.

Here's a map I stole from the front seat when TFA went into a liquor store. If you have any clue where we are, leave me a comment. Maybe I can get back home. Thanks. AC