Saturday, March 20, 2010

You're Running for Help, and Then ...

It's good to see The Famous Author back at work these days. He's writing, spring cleaning, out promoting me again. He's even headed to Manhattan for a Library gig Monday night, and you know how the guy hates to travel. Another good thing about his returning to work: He leaves his computer in the office sometimes, so last night I checked his emails.
I've been worried lately about this Mama Bones character. You know, jealous. Maybe she's trying to push me out of my own series.

Anyway, I didn't find anything on Mama What's Her Name, but I did run across one of the best book blurbs I've read in a while. At least it got me. It's the blurb for DEEP SHADOW, the 17th Doc Ford mystery by Randy Wayne White. The book is Number 7 on the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books top 15 mystery hardcover bestsellers this week. See them all on Mystery Books website. You should probably subscribe if you like mysteries. It's free info.

Incidentally, The Famous Author thinks he met Randy Wayne White at Sleuthfest a few years ago. He's sure he met Randy Wayne Somebody, or maybe it was Wayne Randy Somebody. That was the trip TFA spent at the outside bar with Elke. An early foray of promotion on the Big Numbers World Tour.

Oh, yeah. The blurb:

Many dangers lurk in the deep -- the worst of them are human.

Thirty minutes into what should have been an easy, beginner-level dive in a remote Florida lake, the rim of a cave collapses, trapping two of Doc Ford's friends. Ford himself manages to escape and quickly surfaces to find help -- but that's when his troubles only begin.

Two men are waiting for him on the shore, and they are not the kind of men you want to meet at any time. Murderers and ex-cons, they're intent on diving to the bottom of the very deep lake and uncovering the remains of a legendary plane wreck there, supposedly loaded with Cuban gold. Ford's expertise is just what they need. And if he doesn't want to help? He can die. His friends? They can die, too. In fact, they can die right now ...

As the hours tick away, two mortal struggles unfold simultaneously, one above and one below. Neither outcome is certain, no man is safe ... and in the deep shadow, only death awaits.

Not bad, huh? Maybe that's why it's selling a ton in hardcover. Boy, do publishers like that.

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