Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don Maass to Work on Your Novel Free?

I'm not kidding. This is true. The top agent is Donald Maass, head of the Donald Maass Literary Agency, and he will read the first 50 pages of your fiction manuscript, comment on it directly, and then spend a week showing you how to make it a breakout novel. You can even get this FREE.

All you have to do is win the scholarship.

Well, hey. You don't think Maass and Free Expressions does this free for EVERYbody, do you?

Free Expressions Seminars is now welcoming applications for a full scholarship to its acclaimed Writing the Breakout Novel Weeklong Intensive, with New York literary agent Donald Maass.

One student who wishes to participate in the September 13-19 Writing the Breakout Novel Intensive, to be held in Charlotte, NC, will win a scholarship that covers complete room, board, tuition and all other workshop expenses, except transportation.

The workshop offers thirty-five writers the opportunity to dig into their novels-in-progress in an intensive workshop in which they take daily classes with Don Maass and receive in-depth feedback on their work from Maass and a roster of experienced industry professionals.

For more information on the workshop or to download a scholarship application and information, visit: Or call toll-free: 866-497-4832. I think Brenda's there right now. Or Lorin.

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