Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Famous Author Thinks He's Hot

The Famous Author got invited to a big deal today, and he's strutting around the office like a peacock. Seriously. He's wearing a shiny blue and red Hawaiian shirt.

One of the internet's most popular crime fiction sites is Mysterious Matters, the anonymous blog of Agatho, an editor for a small independent publisher. Agatho regularly writes about crime and mystery fiction of all types, his views are an insider's, and writers of all kinds visit in scads. We've been a fan for years, TFA too, so when Agatho asked for panelists for a new idea he had, TFA threw his hat in the ring.

Joining TFA today at 3 p.m. for a live chat with Agatho are VICKI DELANY, LIBBY FISCHER HELLMANN, WENDY HORNSBY, NANCY MEANS WRIGHT, and EARL STAGGS. (Lot of award winners here. What"s TFA doing on the list?)

Agatho is recording the chat "Originality in Crime Fiction" and will post it on his blog in the near future. Tune in to see how TFA makes a fool of himself this time. He always does.


Anonymous said...
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Austin Carr said...

What's with the Chinese porno? Maybe she likes me.