Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Editor's Editor

The Famous Author first met poet, writer, and teacher Lorin Oberweger in 1998 at The Writer's Retreat Workshop. TFA didn't bring me along for several years, even though I was hiding and waiting in the closet for my big chance, but whatever Lorin taught him, TFA brought me out hot.

An agent and a small press contract quickly followed. More than anything, I think Ms. Oberweger taught TFA how to write in scenes, how to find the conflict in everything, and that without emotion, there's no story. Thanks, Ms. O. I think I owe you my life.

TFA recently heard from Ms. O about her new business -- meeting personally with writers trying to improve their fiction craft. She'll be there to work on YOUR novel, look at YOUR manuscript, and the price is amazingly low for the jump in knowledge.

As someone who has used and benefitted from Ms. O's work over and over again, and still attends Ms. O's Donald Maass Workshops, consider this a personal recommendation from TFA. Looks like Lorin's currently in Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Adding my recommendation to Austin's - Lorin does great work, and taught me so much when I started writing. And still does!