Sunday, January 17, 2010

TFA Sighting in Mexico

Enrique, the waiter who sent us this shot, swears The Famous Author was not alone this past New Year's Eve, but you have to wonder if even The Whip would stick with him in this condition. I mean look at those eyeballs!

Having been there before with TFA on one of his drinking junkets, I can tell you it's not easy getting to The Vista Grill in Puerto Vallarta. It's way up a hill, on a cobblestone street, and the taxi drivers don't know where to go when you say Vista Grill.

In Spanish, "i" sounds like an "e" but if we try to make it sound like they do, it comes out "Vee'stah Greeel," and they think you're making fun of their language, trying to sound like a pachuko or something. But the joint is well worth whatever trouble you encounter on the way. The margaritas are among the world's best. The food, spectacular. And the best view of Banderas Bay and PV imaginable.

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