Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rigolosi A Star of Mystery

Back in May, I talked about a New Jersey mystery writer, Steven Rigolosi, who Library Journal called "a completely fresh voice in the mystery genre." No kidding. In Steve's current novel, the mystery includes figuring whether the narrator is a man or a woman. Anyway, I talked about meeting Steven two years ago at his first Deadly Ink, the annual New Jersey mystery fan convention, and how much The Famous Author and I were enjoying his novel, ANDROGYNOUS MURDER HOUSE PARTY.

"The protag, Robin, is a classic snobby bitch," TFA said, "but darn if we can tell whether Robin is male or female. Fun!"

Well, the news this week is that Steven's ANDROGYNOUS MURDER HOUSE PARTY is been picked by Agatho as one of the two best books of last year. "In 2009 I found two books so stellar, so magnificent, that I have decided to gush about them a bit, then discuss why I was so impressed," Agatho says on his popular blog, Mystery Matters. Of Steven's novel, Agatho gushes: "This tour de force is probably my favorite book of 2009. In many ways it defies description, but I will try...Androgynous Murder House Party is a marvel of language and authorial control. I can only imagine the effort it took to write a full-length novel with no gender-specific pronouns." "The technique Rigolosi uses to achieve this feat is an elevated, mock-heroic prose that perfectly captures the narrator's personality (and many, many quirks) while turning the book into high parody of New York Society."

Read Agatho's full blog by clicking here. Read more about Steven Rigolosi here.

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