Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can Danny Boyle Find The Famous Author?

My new hero is Danny Boyle, the newest member of Sea Haven, New Jersey's police department. Danny is the narrator of the John Ceepak mystery series, authored by Chris Grabenstein, and my man Danny has managed to stay alive through several publishing potholes. His newest adventure, ROLLING THUNDER, is set for publication this May by Pegasus, John and Danny's third publishing company.

People like Danny. And people might like me, too, if The Famous Author -- that fat lazy drunken bum -- would ever get back to the typewriter and finish my latest adventure. Where the hell is he? One little pothole and the guy runs out on me, leaves for Rome, then Mexico. Last word I got, he was back in Puerto Vallarta drinking bottles and bottles of Patron.

I've asked Danny and Ceepak to help me find him. Danny says they're a little busy finishing up this ROLLING THUNDER adventure, but after that, he might take a trip to Mexico and run TFA down for me. Go get'm, Danny. And when you find him, book'm, Dano.

Here's a blurb on ROLLING THUNDER. You can order it now online or at your favorite bookstore. And learn about Danny's other adventures at Chris Grabenstein's website.

"Full of unpredictable twists and turns. There's plenty of fizz in the chemistry between the two protagonists to keep the novel and the reader spinning."—Boston Globe

There’s more fireworks down the Jersey shore in Chris Grabenstein’s sixth fast-paced John Ceepak mystery Rolling Thunder. A prominent citizen suffers a heart attack on opening day of a brand new boardwalk roller coaster in the seedy seaside resort town Sea Haven, New Jersey. Initially ruled a tragic accident, it isn’t long before there are suspicious hints of foul play—especially after another dead body is discovered: a stunning young beach beauty.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joe Pike Fans, Mark Your Calendars (and Arms)

As all of us Robert Crais fans know well by now, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike have a new adventure, THE FIRST RULE, coming January 12 (March 18 in the U.K.). RC and his publicity machine are already offering us two excerpts from what promises to be a great thriller.

Here's the first, and here's the second of these two teasers.

But my favorite bit of PR is this: RC promises to give "everyone who makes it to one of his signings the chance to try on Joe's arrows for size. We've made Pike's signature body art into temporary tattoos that anyone can wear. There's already huge buzz from the select few who've gotten a sneak preview - everyone loves them!"

Click here for the latest tour info and tat give-away locations.

Wow! Joe's red arrows on my very own arms. I'm there, RC! See you at The Mysterious Bookshop in New York, where a spokesman tells us there are still a few copies available of a special, limited, first edition of THE FIRST RULE for collectors. This beautiful edition has marbled boards, a leather spine, and will be autographed by The Man himself, Robert Crais. Click here for more details.

Wanna get me something for Christmas? Do I need arrows?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Good, Funny Mystery for Christmas

We went hunting for The Famous Author last weekend in Plainfield, an author signing event at the library. No luck locating TFA, but we did run into one of our favorite New Jersey characters, Cassie O'Malley, a tabloid journalist who solves New Jersey murders with flair and humor. Cassie has a new Christmas mystery, IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE MURDER, just out from Gale/Five Star. Ask your library to order a copy for you, or pick it up here with the other Cassie O'Malley tales.

Cassie and her author Jeff Markowitz got a solid review from Kirkus, who isn't always nice: "Nothing concentrates the mind of a reporter with a severe case of writer's block like an opportune murder or two. Cassie O'Malley's job with a New Jersey tabloid may be on its last legs. Her new boss, impatient with the non-producing Cassie, sends her to cover the Christmas shopping rush at the mall.

"Bored, Cassie spends most of her time in the food court watching children visit Santa Claus until loan shark Big Mack is found dead in the men's room. His vengeful son Little Mack doesn't take kindly to security guard Oliver Berryhill's claim that he knifed him in a fight over stolen jewelry. Nor does Detective Eddie "Eggs" Bebedict, with whom Cassie has quickly clicked. Even though his boss has closed the case, Eggs suspects that the absence of fingerprints on the knife proves that Oliver's lying.

"The list of possible killers includes Cassie's former boss, who was deep in debt to Big Mack. Oliver's covering up thefts at the mall. Even Santa has secrets. Though it's bad for business, a second body, identified as that of a pawnbroker, provides the clue that points Cassie and Eggs toward a killer. On the evidence here, Markowitz's humorous murder series (A Minor Case of Murder, 2006, etc.) isn't exactly laugh-out-loud funny, but you'll meet a number of amusing characters en route to the surprise ending."

Cassie told us this guy Eggs Bebedict may stick around awhile.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Please Come Home, TFA - At Least Send Cash

It's been two months since I've seen The Famous Author. I can't even remember what the fight was about. He just took off and left me, left the story we were working on.

Actually, it wouldn't be so bad -- the man is a blabbermouth coffee addict -- except nobody's paid the bills, and the gas man just turned off the heat. Tomorrow, it's the electricity and the water.

I could die here, alone in the dark, unless somebody finds him, sends him home. He's supposed to be in Plainfield tomorrow at the public library, 800 Park Avenue, signing books (from 1 to 3 pm) with more than thirty other New Jersey authors. If you see him, please tell him to at least pay his bills.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Redhead of the Week Overcomes Tragedy

Allison Moorer is a Grammy and Academy Award nominated American alternative country singer. She signed to MCA Nashville in 1998, and made her debut on the U.S. Billboard country charts with the release of her debut single "A Soft Place To Fall", which reached #73 on the charts. Since the release of her debut album Alabama Song, she released seven albums and eleven singles, five of which reached positions on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Allison was raised in Frankville, Alabama, just north of Mobile. Raised on George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Emmylou Harris, she sang harmonies as a toddler, eventually thinking she'd make a career of it. Following the murder-suicide of her parents in 1986, she moved into her aunt and uncle's home.

Not long afterwards, Lynne moved to Nashville for a career in music, and after her high school graduation, Moorer followed. She sang harmonies with Lynne for a while but returned to Alabama to earn a degree in public relations. She skipped the graduation ceremony to move back to Nashville. There, she met Doyle "Butch" Primm, an Oklahoma-reared musician who soon became her husband and frequent songwriting partner. In June 1996, she took part in a series of tributes to her songwriter friend, the late Walter Hyatt, singing his "Tell Me Baby" at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. Nashville agent Bobby Cudd was sufficiently impressed to hook her up with producer Tony Brown. After a few meetings, Brown asked her to cut some demos, from which two tracks -- "Pardon Me" and "Call My Name" -- ended up on her first MCA album, Alabama Song.

Her song "A Soft Place to Fall" was tapped for The Horse Whisperer in 1998, and she also appeared in the movie. Because the ballad earned her an Academy Award nomination, she performed it on the 1999 Oscars ceremony. However, none of her singles from Alabama Song or its follow-up The Hardest Part caught on at radio, though both projects were highly praised by critics.

In 2005, Moorer divorced Primm and married Steve Earle, after serving as his opening act on a European tour. Earle produced her 2006 album, Getting Somewhere. Moorer wrote all the songs, with the exception of one co-written with Earle. The couple live in New York City. She and Earle were nominated for a Grammy award in the category Best Country Collaboration with Vocals, for the song "Days Aren't Long Enough" from Earle's "Washington Square Serenade."

Thanks to Wikipedia