Friday, November 13, 2009

Where Am I?

As a fictional character, it's hard to travel without the writer taking you, of course, but the other day, The Famous Author got carried away himself and decided to kidnap me to Europe. More specifically, Florence (Firenze) and Venice (Venezia) with Financial Guru Corkface. Some financial crisis thing, which frankly, I'm sick of talking about. Corkface has been hot on the Big Capitalist Circuit since he accurately predicted the collapse of mortgage-backed securities. I say, who cares? I don't have any money and couldn't spend it if I had it.

Anyway, where the heck am I? Florence or Venice? I snapped this shot out of TFA's zippered computer case.


Ann oDyne said...

Friends there for the Biennale recount an experience in a crowded palce:
They hear a guy yelling
"Dolores! Dolores!"
(he gets to the woman)
"Dolores! 'Venezia' means 'Venice' !"

Don't Look Now.

Austin Carr said...

Lots of Ugly Americans, including a couple eating pork rinds and drinking beer on the train at 8 in the morning.