Friday, October 2, 2009

Redhead of the Week Likes Props

Playing nightly at The Luxor in Las Vegas, Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson has made a seven-figure success out of his red hair, but if you check out his official website, Scott thinks he's a pop culture icon because his humor -- specifically, his clever use of props -- is right up there with Jonathan Winters and Steve Martin.

Whatever, dude. You're my redhead of the week.

We did find another view, which begins, "Prop comedy king Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson is not really known as the funniest comedian by today’s standards."

Read more from David Matz of The Northern Star the all student-produced, independent media at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Ill.


Ann oDyne said...

Maybe it's time to move on from redheads - Paris couture has discovered the allure of noir and brought some paperback cover gowns to the catwalk.

Chris said...

Worst. RotW. EVER.

Jack Getze said...

This is shocking, Carr. An example of why I didn't want you to have your own blog.

Shape up or ship out!

Ann oDyne said...

Dear Jack and dear Chris,
the post does however, fit the blog theme of CRIME.

May I commend to you all a book I just finished, not 'crime' but politically-based murder thriller,
by Robert Harris 'The Ghost'.
Set in Martha's Vineyard mostly, the protagonist is a ghost-writer hired to replace one who died on the job. Think 'Sunset Blvd'.
It was just great, and with a double sting denouement.

Looking forward to a criminally attractive RHOTW next time please.

Austin Carr said...

GHOST sounds good, Ann. Thanks. Say, you don't have red hair, do you? I'm running out of ROTW....

Marshall-Stacks said...

The truly wonderful Miss Ann-Margret was in the film of His Righteousness Sir Elmore Leonard's 52 Pickup
- there must be a still somewhere.

Austin Carr said...

M-S: I featured Ann Margret back in 2008, before I called the column ROTW.