Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Famous Author Missing

OK, I can't hide the facts anymore. I'm tired of covering for him. Plus, if he doesn't show up pretty soon and finish our fourth adventure, my life could be in danger. Let's face it, as a fictional character, I'm pretty much at the man's mercy.

Where the heck is TFA?

He was last seen Friday. Our favorite scribe was in his chair playing Mafia Wars, this stupid internet game where you collect weapons, armor, vehicles, and gangster pals, then battle other crews and commit serious crimes for cash and loot. Yeah, I know, it sounds like fun -- kind of a seriously illegal game of violent Monopoly -- but it's a game, for crying out loud, and I need TFA back at work.

That was five days ago. When I complained back then, he took his computer, climbed in the car and drove off. Only one sighting since: This photo was allegedly taken at a Mexican bar and grill in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I'm thinking the palm trees and blooming hibiscus rule New Jersey out. Could be a head-fake. Knowing TFA's drinking habits, however, he's probably still wearing the sombrero.

Please tell him to come home and get back to work.


corkface said...

looks like some kinda FU FU drinks you got there TFA. Are getting soft on us?

Ann oDyne said...

look closer dear CorkFace - not 'drink', is dessert with candle indicating a celebration, most likely a birth anniversary?
in which case, wishing TFA many more and speaking of moorings - that's a marina in the background.

Another great writer Stuart Kaminsky
(whose work lead me to Andrew Bergman and the early Sara Paretsky's which were good) has passed away. The London Guardian always does a good obit and here it is.

Austin Carr said...

Thanks for the obit, Ann. Good stuff. Makes me want to read more of SK.

Corkface: Ann is right, turkey. That's a restaurant birthday surprise if I ever saw one. This is a good clue to his whereabouts actually. It means he was with someone, as TFA never would have told the waiter about his birthday. I'm guessing ... no, better not speculate publicly.