Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Redhead of the Week Returns

Our favorite fictional redhead, that Texas tornado Tammy Jo Trask, returns September 1 in a new adventure, BARELY BEWITCHED. We thought we'd give you the heads up early by naming Tammy Jo our Redhead of the Week.

In this latest adventure, Tammy Jo’s magic attracts the attention of a wand-wielding wizard and a warlock. When the trouble leads to a toxic spill of pixie dust, Duvall, Texas comes unglued, and the doors between the human and faery worlds open. Tammy probably ought to follow the rules…

Tammy Jo's creator is Kimberly Frost. Kim's website offers some nice reviews:

“If Janet Evanovich wrote fantasy, this would be the result!”
Recommended Read, Murder By the Book

“The new Southern Witch Series will keep you laughing long into the night! Kimberly Frost’s WOULD-BE WITCH is the first in the Southern Witch series and is laugh-out-loud fun. Tammy Jo is a hoot as she stumbles through her attempts at making magic and dealing with the men in her life. Zach is a stereotypical good ol’ boy, and Bryn Lyons is powerfully sexy! Ms. Frost is an author to watch for in the future.”

About three years ago, Tammy Jo's boss, Kimberly Frost, endured verbal assaults on her writing craft from none other than The Famous Author. Ha! TFA still struggles in the minor leagues, unable to hit a curve ball, and Kim is turning heads in the majors. Maybe TFA ought to read that little book again, too. The one he gave Kim...The Elements of Style, I think he called it.

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