Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Redhead of the Week Ain't Sorry

Whuppin' ass wasn't so hard, Stella Hardesty thought as she took aim with the little Raven .25 she took off a cheating son-of-a-bitch in Kansas City last month.

What was hard was making sure it stayed whupped.

Especially on a day when it hit a hundred degrees before noon. And you were having hot flashes. And today's quote on your Calendar For Women Who Do Too Much read Find serenity in unexpected places.

"Fuck serenity," Stella said. And she shot the trailer

The creator of Stella Hardesty, author of a brand-new, very hot seller A BAD DAY FOR SORRY, is Sophie Littlefield, who grew up in central Missouri, her website says, the "daughter of a history professor father and an artist mother. She earned a degree in computer science and made very little use of it. After living in Chicago for ten years, she and her husband packed up the kids and moved to Northern California in 1998."

Her new crime novel, out this month from St. Martins, is getting the BIG BUZZ and strong early sales numbers. Here's what Publishers Weekly says: "Littlefield's amusing, sassy debut introduces Stella Hardesty, a widow and survivor of domestic violence, who owns a sewing shop in a sleepy Missouri town. On the side, Stella solves problems and metes out justice on behalf of battered women, like Chrissy Shaw, whose abusive bully of an ex-husband, Roy Dean Shaw, Stella keeps tabs on.

"After Roy Dean absconds with Chrissy's baby, Stella learns he's involved with local mobsters in a stolen auto parts ring. Chrissy sheds her victimhood to team up with Stella and do battle. After girding up their weaponry, the unlikely crime-fighting duo trick their way into the home of Roy Dean's mob boss, who they suspect has Chrissy's son.

"Stella discovers that no amount of preparation and righteous anger can prevail over pure evil, at least not without loads of trouble. Spunky, unapologetically middle-aged and a tad cantankerous, Stella barges bravely and often unwisely into danger." Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Go get'em Sophie.


Marshall-Stacks said...

"soft-floral housedress accessorized with basic black handgun, is ideal for dealing with any situation in your day"

Yes, thank you, go Soph! indeed.

Austin Carr said...

It's a great cover, isn't it?

Austin Carr said...

Sophie is also a very nice lady. She sent TFA a thank you for the publicity. A first!