Thursday, August 6, 2009

Joe Pike Arrives January 12

THE FIRST RULE, Robert Crais's second "Joe Pike Novel," will hit stores January 12, 2010, RC told his fans this week. He also gave us a peek at this cover.

RC read from THE FIRST RULE July 15 as part of the Clarion Writers Workshop at University of California, San DIego. Fans from as far away as Tucson, Phoenix, and Northern California jammed Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore to learn hear pieces of Joe Pike’s latest adventure. You can listen at Pop Culture Nerd who recorded the reading and reported on the crowded event.

RC's letter to fans also had a lot to say about the Clarion writers workshop:

"RC began his writing career at the Clarion Writers Workshop at Michigan State University way back in 1975. That same workshop continues, and is now held on the beautiful La Jolla campus of the University of California—San Diego. Each summer, eighteen talented aspiring writers live and work together for six pressure-packed weeks (they don’t call Clarion the writer’s boot camp for nothing!) This year, RC was privileged to teach the workshop’s third week.

"Each day, students write (the goal is to complete and submit one new short story per week), read their classmates’s stories (typically twenty- to twenty-five thousand words of new fiction per day), and offer detailed critiques (requiring that each story be read two or three times.) Sleep? Fuggidaboudit! Four hours per night is the norm."

What a great way to spend your vacation, huh? You writers are nuts!!!!

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