Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grifters, Grafters, and Me

"We are pleased to confirm the program assignment below for Bouchercon 2009...Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if for any reason you are unable to accept this assignment.
Thanks! -- The Program Committee"

True, they want me for a panel called "THE STING GOES ON, Grifters, grafters, and scams in today’s crime fiction," but we are thrilled to be part of The Show, the world's biggest and best convention for crime fiction fans. The Famous Author will be on the panel with me, of course, as will John Billheimer (Moderator), Michael Bowen, Sean Doolittle, and Richard Thompson.

TFA is also volunteering at the registration desk Thursday and Friday afternoons. While he's working, I'll be in the bar. See you in Indianapolis October 15, 16, 17 and 18.

If you haven't registered yet, get busy.

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Marshall-Stacks said...

Only DUMB crims are caught.
The creep who murdered his wife - Jasmine Fiore - and thought he was so clever when removing her fingers and teeth to avoid ID of her corpse, completely forgetting that her implants were numbered ID.
I know this plot device has been covered fictionally, and punkboy might have avoided arrest if he had Done More Reading.

Your post title brought back the noir-noir noirness of The Grifters movie. Great cast, great performances, noir screenplay.
Noir! Noir! Noir! Not The Grifters!
oh nooooooooooooeeeeees.