Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Short Stories

Nearly two years ago, The Famous Author was asked by Sandra Ruttan to guest edit the Winter 2008 issue of Spinetingler Magazine -- that is, pick out some stories from her wonderfully bulging submission box. TFA agreed, had more fun than he expected, and signed on for a permanent tour. In celebration of Spinetingler's upcoming relaunch as part of BSC Review, TFA hijacked my blog today to link you up to that first TFA-edited issue, and in particular, three stories even I enjoyed reading.

A Simple Kindness by Chris F. Holm features a hero who wonders where he went wrong. Could the problem have started here: ”I’d seen her picking absently at the hem of her skirt...”

Damien Seaman is having his fiction published a lot these days, and Coming Up Roses shows us why. An undercurrent of tension and violence shimmers like the alien in Predator.

Last Writer Standing is Kentucky-resident Gene Sittenfeld’s first published fiction. The thrills jump out from behind an imaginative framework of humor.

Thanks to Sandra Ruttan, Spinetingler, and the wonderful writers whose work is linked above.

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Chris said...

Thanks for the plug! And congrats on the relaunch! I'm looking forward to it.