Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Spinetingler is Out!

The Famous Author is in a dither today, having just found out the new issue of Spinetingler is up and live at BSC Review, its new online home. Why? Does he have a story in this new issue?

Dudes, TFA is The Editor. He picked all the stories. He worked with some writers to make their story clearer. He read through hundreds of submissions to find these 12 stories, including new work by Anthony Rainone, Damien Seaman, and writers seeing print for the first time. Crime, horror, sci-fi -- it's all here, each story designed to run electric current up your backbone.

"Working with Spinetingler's boss, Sandra Ruttan, is a pure pleasure," TFA said this morning. "The lady has more savvy than a Google search."

Check out the new issue when you can. Besides the short stories, you'll find interviews with authors, new book reviews, and even a lengthy excerpt of THE BIG O by Declan Burke.

Special thanks to Damon Caporaso and Jay Tomio of BSC Review, who finance the operation and make it possible.


Chris said...

A bunch of great reads, and a snazzy cover to boot! Looks to me like the relaunch is an all-around success.

Austin Carr said...

TFA says he has some coming up you'll like, too. Maybe you guys have similar tastes. :-)