Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Murder Visits Parsippany

The 2009 Deadly Ink mystery convention for fans and writers takes place this weekend at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in -- where else -- Parsippany, NJ.

Mystery enthusiasts, including me and The Famous Author, will honor LINCOLN CHILD, award-winning author of UTOPIA, DEATH MATCH, DEEP STORM, and TERMINAL FREEZE, and co-author with Douglas Preston of RELIC, RELIQUARY, and THE ICE LIMIT, as Guest of Honor. Toastmaster is JEFF COHEN, author of AS DOG IS MY WITHNESS, a FAREWELL TO LEGS, FOR WHOM THE MINIVAN ROLLS, IT HAPPENED ONE KNIFE, AND SOME LIKE IT HOT BUTTERED.

Other authors scheduled as panelists and speakers are: Kate Gallison, Roberta Rogow, Jack Getze, E. J. Rand, Cheryl Solimini, Steve Rigolosi, Robin Hathaway, KB Inglee, Ilene Schneider, Dennis Tafoya, Liz Zelvin, Renee Gardner, Elena Santangelo, B. K. Stevens, Maggie Barbieri, Evelyn David, and Rosemary Goodwin.

Careful readers of this space will remember TFA promised to blog live about making Jeff Cohen laugh. Or trying to. Mr. Cohen seemed eager to take up the challenge. As of this date, however, TFA is sounding like a chicken. Cluck, cluck. I'm not sure. Cluck, cluck.

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