Saturday, June 27, 2009

Live from Deadly Ink #1

SATURDAY, 7 p.m. -- Ok, actually, I'm in the trunk of The Famous Author's Toyota. But I am in the parking lot of the Parsippany Sheraton, home to New Jersey's biggest and best mystery convention, Deadly Ink, and earlier today TFA brought me inside for his two panels. So I am definitely able to offer on-the scene reporting. It's just a little dark in here. I'll keep this issue brief.

On TFA's morning panel, Jane Cleland wore a blue silk jacket.

On the afternoon panel, Rosemary Harris had a bad cold, and the only person who said anything funny was moderator Jeff Cohen. TFA and Markowitz bombed.

NEWS ALERT: Rosemary's next book is called DEAD HEAD.

Right now, they're all eating dinner at the big banquet. At least that's where TFA said he was going when he slammed the trunk lid. I wouldn't bet on it. He's been acting weird lately.

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