Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday Investment Club

Thanks to Corkface's enduring hatred of banks, I am the new leader in our $10,000, Let's Double Our Money This Year, stock-picking contest. The sharp decline in DISK shares following the aborted merger with NYX (see previous SIC posts) hurt both Corkface and I this week, as DISK plummeted to 85 cents. By selling at $1.35 and buying back at 98 cents, I saved some cash, and so -- yours truly is our New Leader. Well, that, and Corkface's continued holding of those HBC puts. Once worth thousands, they're now down to $400. He's been betting the big banks like HBC are going way down. The chart shows you how he's doing. :-)

Austin’s Portfolio
2000 OMEX $6,940
5000 DISK $4,250
Cash $720
TOTAL $11,910

Corkface’s Portfolio
20 June 20 puts HBC $400
2000 shares MBRK $2,640
500 shares TSYS $4,630
4000 DISK $3,400
Cash $672
TOTAL $11,742

Grandma's Portfolio
25 shares of SPY $2,197
Cash $8,007
TOTAL $10,204

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