Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mothers, Sons & Condoms

We have an anonymous guest blogger today, a New York Times bestselling romance writer who needed to ask her son a delicate question.

Just got off the phone with my son; had a technical question about a love scene I'm writing.  Not that my sweet, innocent 28 year old baby boy is an expert or anything ;-).
I asked him if condoms break.
And he said, "Of course. All the time." 
Now isn't that EXACTLY what every mother wants to hear from her bachelor son?  Oh, the horror!
I probably won't be able to write another word today ... or for the next two weeks!

* * *

Having been married for 32 years, I'm a bit out of the loop on what's new and hip in the world of dating.  But in my hubby and two sons, I have the perfect resources for all matters ... male.
I believe my son's reply, when I very tentatively told him thank you for the information, was:  "No problem, Mom, other than I'll probably be flaccid for the next month."
So, once a month I am going to ask him the most bizarre sexual questions I can think of!
I asked both him and his girlfriend the other day what terms are used for ... boinking nowadays.  They both just stared at me and asked what boinking was.  I explained, and then I started writing down all the new common terms.  And then I showed them the book I just got from Amazon - An Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex.
I don't know if my son is still seeing that girl ...
Okay, we have a very open-minded household.  But I mean, really, if you can only ask your kids stuff that's not embarrassing, what's the fun of having the little snots in the first place?  My son (same one) actually told a woman at a party to "please excuse my mother, she's much better with fictional characters than real people." 

Happy Memorial Weekend, everyone!
Well, thank you, Anonymous Mom. You can guest blog anytime!


jnantz said...

Okay, that was just funny!

Austin Carr said...

Mom's novels have humor, but she's known for her bare-chested men.