Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three New Mysteries

Anybody out there like a little humor with their mystery? If not belly laughs, then at least a likeable, good-natured, and reasonably sane protagonist who isn't a drunk misanthrope? Here's three brand new mysteries from active members of the Mystery Writers of America, New York Chapter, all popular, all well received by critics. And yes, The Famous Author is sometimes allowed to hang out with them.

One of the mainstays of Josie Prescott’s Antiques and Appraisals has always been the cheerful and helpful assistant, Gretchen, who turned up unexpectedly just as Josie was setting up shop in New Hampshire. Gretchen has always been so dependable that it seems odd when she doesn’t show up for work one day. Surprise soon turns to alarm when a dead body is found in Gretchen’s house, with Gretchen the prime suspect. How much does Josie know about Gretchen, anyway? Enough to believe she isn’t capable of murder, so Josie, with a crack team of antiques appraisers at her side, sets out to find the real killer and bring Gretchen home safely, no matter the cost.

Something stinks to Paula Holliday, and it isn’t just the corpse flower, titan arum, named for its off-putting fragrance. When Paula’s friend Lucy asks her to tag along on an all-expense-paid junket to the Titans Hotel, it seems like a good idea. But when her friend is unavoidably detained, a would-be suitor is found with a gaping hole in his head, and the corpse flower refuses to bloom, the entire venture starts to seem like less of a good idea. Brimming with wit and wisecracks, The Big Dirt Nap is sure to win rising mystery star Rosemary Harris a whole new slew of ardent fans.

Jeffrey Cohen provides readers with a twisty plot that completely surprises even the most jaded mystery fan and the ending is satisfying to both Elliot and the reader. Here's to hoping that the series continues to entertain readers with humor, movie lore, and just plain good writing. -- Cindy Chow

Each of these book descriptions contains a link that will take you to AMAZON or maybe BARNES & NOBLE. If you prefer (we sure do!) click on Indie Bound for an independent book store near you.

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