Monday, April 27, 2009

The Three Es

The Central Jersey Chapter of Sisters in Crime held a mystery symposium this past Saturday. Much fun was had by all, and several authors made interesting presentations, including Steve Rigliosi, Jeffrey Cohen, and Shirley Hairstock. But for this character, the highlight was Shobhan Bantwal's call to writers:

"Think of the three Es when you write," Shobhan said. "Enlighten, educate, and entertain."

For new writers, getting published seems the ultimate goal. Even talent, persistance, and luck don't always work. But what is a writer's ultimate goal -- to get rich? To have a million fans? The Tonight Show? Or should it be Shobhan's, that is, to educate, enlighten and entertain? Do writers have a duty to shed light on the darkness? Or are we just here to entertain our readers?

I asked The Famous Author, but he doesn't know. "Heck, I'm still on my first draft."

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