Friday, April 3, 2009

One of Next Month's Bestsellers

Elmore Leonard's latest novel, ROAD DOGS, is due May 12, and The Famous Author, a big Leonard fan, wants to click that Amazon button and order one. Normally, he'd order from one of our friendly independent bookstores (who stock a few of our books), but with Elmore's brand new one, I think TFA NEEDS to be among the very first to hold this puppy.

I told him why not read the first eight chapters online through Elmore's website but he says it might kill him to read some, but not all. Kind of like getting to second or third base with a sexy babe.

Here's what Publishers Weekly says about ROAD DOGS:

Leonard launches three characters from previous novels on a collision course in this seemingly effortless performance. After prison buddy Cundo Rey (last seen in LaBrava) drops a bundle on a shark attorney, celebrity bank robber Jack Foley (from Out of Sight) gets his 30-year prison sentence reduced to 30 months. Jack's quickly back in the world, living large in one of Cundo's two multimillion-dollar houses in Venice, Calif., juggling a fast seduction with fortune-teller (from Riding the Rap) Dawn Navarro (who is now Cundo's lady) and the untoward attention of rogue FBI agent Lou Adams, who's waiting for Foley to rob another bank. While Dawn tries to enlist Foley in a scheme to steal Cundo's off-the-books fortune, Cundo surprises them with an early release. Betrayal simmers while Foley considers going semi-straight-with the help of a widowed starlet-Dawn hatches a plan that could get her rich and rid her of all her problems, and Cundo's associates and neighborhood toughs get sucked into the fray. The plot isn't as tight as it could be, but Leonard's singular way with words is reason enough to read it.

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