Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Investment Club

Though the gap was narrowed somewhat last week, Corkface held on to a $3,000-plus lead over Yours Truly and a $5,000 advantage over Grandma, this despite the whupping Corkface took on his HBC puts.

In fact, the only reason Mr. C was smiling at all last week was TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TSYS). Giving this puppy a closer look, we all might want to pick up a few shares. Can you say text messaging? Is there a faster growing business? This chart shows what TSYS did last year while most of us -- including Warren Buffett and some of the best fund managers we know -- took a 50% hit.

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. develops and applies wireless data technology, with emphasis on text messaging, location-based services, such as enhanced 9-1-1 for wireless carriers. voice over Internet protocol service providers, and secure satellite-based communication solutions for government customers.

Its software products enable wireless carriers to deliver text messages, location information, Internet content and other services to and from wireless phones. The company's government services unit designs, furnishes, installs and operates wireless and data network communication systems, including its SwiftLink deployable communication systems and Internet protocol technology. TSYS also owns and operates secure satellite teleport facilities, and resells satellite airtime.

Corkface’s Portfolio
20 June 20 puts HBC 2,300
2000 shares MBRK 2,840
250 shares TSYS 2,437
4000 DISK 5,040
Cash $2,760

TOTAL $15,377

Austin’s Portfolio
2000 OMEX 6,920
4000 DISK 5,040
Cash $220

TOTAL $12,180

Grandma"s Portfolio
13 shares of SPY 1,061
Cash $9,039

TOTAL $10,100


corkface said...

I have 2760 in cash
Bought 250 TSYS @ 8.35 = $2087.50
Cash bal. 672.50

Austin Carr said...

I'm selling my 4000 shares of DISK at Friday's close of $1.35. 4/18