Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Investment Club

Now that's more like it. Guess who had the best porforming portfolio last week, gang? That's right. Me. Austin Carr, fictional stockbroker. My BankAmerica calls soared, and I sold at a profit of almost $2,400. And with bank news turning somewhat positive last week, Corkface's HBC puts (he switched mid-week) lost value, so Grandma and I really closed the gap.

Late last week, I bought an oldie but goodie, Image Entertainment (DISK) for $1.27 a share. It closed Friday at $1.43, and I think I'm going to get $2.75 a share for this puppy in two weeks when an already announced merger concludes. The merger's had a few ups and downs, but we think (unlike the market) that it's going through.

Corkface remains bearish. We think most stock prices have bottomed.

Join us anytime. Just leave your picks in the Comment section. You have $10,000 to spend.


(Holding, Value 3/16, and Total Portfolio Value)

Corkface’s Portfolio

20 June 20 puts HBC, 3,600
2000 shares MBRK, 2,640
250 shares TSYS, 2,160
Cash $8,400
Total Value 16,800

Austin’s Portfolio

2000 OMEX 6,420
2000 DISK 2,860
cash $2,720
Total Value 12,000


13 shares of SPY 989
cash $9,039
Total Value 10,028


corkface said...

let me add to my portfolio.
4000 DISK @ 1.41 = $5600

Austin Carr said...

Hey, dude, that's MY stock!

corkface said...

I want to borrow it for a few. Its the American way DUDE!!!!

Austin Carr said...

Ok, then I have spend another $2,500 of my $2,700 in cash and buy another 2,000 DISK this afternoon at $1.25. Nobody believes this merger. What are we missing? Stock's worth a buck without Mr. Black, as DISK has other suitors lined up. Not to mention a growing business.

corkface said...

Somebody knows something that we don't believe is possible because we know something that we think no one else knows except us... and so on. We have seen this before.