Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Next Mystery Read

Thomas Perry writes novels of suspense, starting with The Butcher's Boy, which received a 1983 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best First Novel. After Metzger's Dog, Big Fish, Island, and Sleeping Dogs (a sequel to Butcher's Boy and one of The Famous Authors absolute favorite novels), he then launched the critically acclaimed Jane Whitefield series: Vanishing Act (chosen as a "100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association"), Dance for the Dead, Shadow Woman, The Face Changers, and Blood Money.

From that point, Perry elected to develop a non-series list of mysteries with Death Benefits, Pursuit (which won a Gumshoe Award in 2002), Dead Aim, Night Life and Fidelity, published in 2008. It was announced in the back section of Fidelity that Jane Whitefield would reappear in Jan 2009 with a new book called Runner. And now, here we are. I can't wait to read this:

Jane Whitefield—New York Times best-selling writer Thomas Perry’s most popular character—returns from retirement to the world of the runner, guiding fugitives out of danger. After a nine-year absence, the fiercely resourceful Native American guide Jane Whitefield is back, in the latest superb thriller by award-winning author Thomas Perry.

For more than a decade, Jane pursued her unusual profession: “I’m a guide . . . I show people how to go from places where somebody is trying to kill them to other places where nobody is." Then she promised her husband she would never work again, and settled in to live a happy, quiet life as Jane McKinnon, the wife of a surgeon in Amherst, New York. But when a bomb goes off in the middle of a hospital fundraiser, Jane finds herself face to face with the cause of the explosion: a young pregnant girl who has been tracked across the country by a team of hired hunters.

That night, regardless of what she wants or the vow she’s made to her husband, Jane must come back to transform one more victim into a runner. And her quest for safety sets in motion a mission that will be a rescue operation—or a chance for revenge.

Perry was born in Tonawanda, New York. He received a B.A. from Cornell University in 1969 and his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Rochester in 1974. He has been a laborer, maintenance man, commercial fisherman, weapons mechanic, university administrator and teacher, and television writer and producer (Simon and Simon, 21 Jump Street, Star Trek: The Next Generation). To date, he has completed 16 novels. He lives in Southern California with his wife and two daughters.

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