Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leaving Her Behind

Looking up, I think I'm pretty proud of the banner. Boy, can you take that line in more than one way. Probably brought all kinds of crazy people to the site today. Okay, so I guess I should explain, I'm talking about Mama Bones, a character in my Austin Carr Mystery series, how sometimes writers have to chop the best stuff from their novel. I'm also talking about the good things -- products, places, people, even close friends -- who sometimes get left behind.

About a year and a half ago The Famous Author and I traveled up the East coast in search of inspiration. We found it in Mystic, CT, a semi-dingy hotel room where we came up with some very funny stuff for our work in progress at the time, BIG MOJO. TFA wondered what would happen if Mama Bones got a taste of her own medicine, and playing off the novel's theme, he wrote a series of scenes in which Mama experienced an accident with one of her magic potions, fell in love with the Fed-Ex man, and ended up in the shower, her bodyguard Gianni having to apply an antidote.

I wasn't in any of these scenes. They were from Mama Bones's point of view, but TFA managed to fit them neatly (he thought) into the main plot. Every time he read through the manuscript, these were some TFA's favorite scenes. Heck, even I laughed when he read them out loud.

But when TFA's agent got a peek at the manuscript last summer, every one had to go. "Funny, yes," she said, "but they have nothing to do with the story."

But, but ...

No butts about it gang. You writers have to stick to the story. And no matter how wonderful a thing or person is, sometimes you have to say goodbye.

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