Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crais is a Hemingway Fan

We haven't talked about it here in a while, but The Famous Author has another gig besides making up stories with me in them: He's Editor of Spinetingler Magazine, an online publication of crime fiction interviews and short stories of suspense.

Well ... TFA forgot he'd left me in his computer case yesterday, and guess what he stuffed in right on top of me -- a printed copy of his brand new question and answer session with New York Times Bestselling Author Robert Crais. It's scheduled to run in Spinetingler's Summer Issue, but we figure you guys might like a sneak peek.

TFA asked RC to name a few of his favorite authors, and the first name out of RC's mouth was Ernest Hemingway. TFA followed up with this:

What's one question you would like to ask a dead one?

For real? If Hemingway was alive, I’d love to find out he’s read my books. Then, knowing he’s read them, I’d hook up with him in a bar down in Key West or up in Idaho, or maybe we’d be out fishing on his boat, the Pilar, just the two of us, and I’d ask this: I’d say, “Papa, what am I doing wrong? How can I make my work better?”

Imagine that. Imagine getting that kind of insight from Ernest Hemingway. Wow.

You'll have to wait for the Summer Spinetingler to find out what Crais is working on right now, where he thinks the digital world will take the publishing industry, and if he agrees with TFA's wife that Elvis Cole and Joe Pike tales are really love stories.

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