Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sacrifice for Love

I worried when he put the cuffs on me, sure, and I got plenty nervous in the trunk of his car on the ride over here. But I didn’t wet my pants until I saw where the Sheriff of Cabo was taking me.

“You should be proud to die on this ancient and sacred altar,” the Sheriff said. “Brave warriors from many lands offered themselves here so our people would enjoy a bountiful harvest from the sun.”

"I'm dying for your tan?"

"The corn."

Better speak that universal language. “The Famous Author has a little money left,” I said. “He’ll pay you a bribe to let me go.”

“He said no, amigo. We called him. TFA said he could not trust you anymore. You’re always running off somewhere, getting in trouble.”

Rats. Looks like this is it.


jnantz said...

Where the Hell is the deus ex machina when you need one?

Austin Carr said...

Probably Friday. Mexico isn't that far from where I grew up in LA. Maybe an old buddy will show up in his machina.

Chris said...

Man, just like a character to run off and do the last thing you'd expect. Don't they know who's in charge?

(Unfortunately, I think they DO know who's in charge, and it's the writers who are mistaken).