Thursday, January 8, 2009

Odd Man Out

Over at that famous and much-traveled crime fiction blog, The Rap Sheet, J. Kingston Pierce has been chosen. Picked, as it were, to detail 16 random things about himself. Pretty odd stuff, too. You can check it out by clicking on the headline, ODD MAN OUT.

It's a game circulating through the crime fiction community this week, you get tagged, you give out these 16 random factoids about yourself, and then you pick 16 other people to do the same. Sounds like a lot of fun. Who doesn't like games?

So The Famous Author has been waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting as one crime writer after another -- his crime fiction friend list -- chooses their 16 pals. Sandra, Rosemary, Jeff. They all chose their 16 friends. TFA is still waiting. He says he's starting to feel like the overweight, non-athletic kid who gets picked last for the team at every school recess. No one wants HIM on their team. No one will pick poor TFA.

Of course TFA isn't the ONLY minor crime fiction author sitting this game out. The line here waiting to be chosen is pretty long. It's just that, well ... they're all starting to feel a little overweight and ugly.

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